A Hell of A Ride! Ashley’s Story

I was 17 at the time, it was the end of November after Thanksgiving, and my new boyfriend and I had just gotten out of church and decided to go look at the few Christmas lights people had put up early. He had been driving my car all day and he’d never given me a reason to doubt his driving skills, so I let him drive. We we’re taking a road we both knew well, it had a sharp curve at the end and seeing that it was dark you couldn’t see the edges of the road clearly and he got a little too close to the ditch and hit a hole on the right side of the road, causing the car to pull further into the ditch. Out of instinct he pulled the steering wheel to the left and over correcting, causing the car to flip. It flipped about three or four times so I’m told and it landed right side up on the other side of the road. I passed out as soon as we hit the ditch and woke up to headlights shining into my windshield. Thankfully a pastor had been taking some children home from youth that night and he called my mother and his friend called 911. They air-flighted me to the local hospital where they stabilized my spine and put in two chest tubs (because of fluid in my lungs). I was in the intensive care unit for six days, if I remember correctly, then I was transferred to Baylor Rehabilitation two days after that, where I stayed for six weeks learning everything I needed to know about my “new world”. After I got home it was hard, but I was so driven that I didn’t really take time to think any dark thoughts or even have a hard time. It was a challenge for me and I’ve always been the competitive type, so I took it as fun, I guess you could say. I went through a slight depression once I got home but I never kept myself from doing anything or having fun with friends, I just had to figure out how to do everything in a different way. It was at a much slower pace but my family, friends, and I all learned how to do things and now it’s a breeze. It’s been five years this November and as much as I would love to walk again, and one day I might, I wouldn’t change any of it. Everyone has their bad days, but I’m going back to school this spring to get my degree in business management and I’m hoping to one day own my own business. Plus I’m planning a lot of trips this next summer, so I’m very anxious for my future.
        Ashley K.
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