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Thanksgiving 2010 will be one I’ll never forget. My mom, dad, sister, and I were going to my cousin’s house in Indiana for a Thanksgiving get together that was supposed to be a great time. The week leading up to our trip was strange. I was having back pain that restricted my movement to perfect posture at all times. If I altered that I would be in extreme pain.  We left on a Thursday and was planned to come home the Sunday coming up.  After the second night I became very ill. I had a fever of 103 degrees and was sweating profusely.  I had an extreme headache and my mind was spinning. Being the determined person I was, I went black Friday shopping with my cousins in the morning. After shopping I worked up the ambition to go lazar tagging with my cousins because I was not about to be left behind.  I felt fine during that time but realized soon after that I was not ok at all.  Friday night was grueling. I was terribly sick and my parents made the decision to go home a day early and leave Saturday. My mom made an appointment with a pediatrician for Monday. Sunday my fever broke but I was still feeling terrible and eager to see the doctor Monday. When I got there he said that I had a strain of the flu that settled in my back. He prescribed me muscle relaxants that were “suppose to relieve the pressure” of the virus that was causing my irritation. I was more than relieved that it was just a simple issue that would be taken care of with ease. The following two days (Tuesday and Wednesday) were no better than the days leading up to them. I was still extremely sick and had no idea why the medication wasn’t working. On Thursday I was still feeling poorly. At 2:37 I was talking to my dad on the phone, standing in front of the mirror when I felt a pop in my back. I was home from school and my mom was at work so I didn’t want to bother either of my parents. When my mom got home I suggested we go to the ER because my legs were tingly and I just had a very bad feeling. My mom was getting things around and I just remembered a story about a boy who had to have his likes amputated, he spoke of the last time he walked and how much he wished he could have felt something prior. So for some reason I just walked by the Christmas tree a few times and brushed the needles against my legs. I paced back and forth because I just KNEW…  We got into the car and went to the hospital which seemed like it took years.  We got to the parking lot and I had about a 30 yard walk to the doors. I can’t explain how hard it was to get to those doors but I brought myself to them with all the might I had.  Once I sat down in the waiting room I couldn’t get back up. I had to be wheeled to a room and I started to panic. I was freaking out that I couldn’t walk. I was in so much pain that they put me on extremely strong pain killers.  I passed out and woke up two days later. During the time I was out I was life flown to Akron, had a MRI, and had emergency surgery at 4:00am in the morning. The doctors told me that they removed an abscess from my t6- t7 spinal region.   It compressed my spinal cord to the point that I was paralyzed with no warning prior to that week. Doctors tried to figure out the cause of the growth but to this day they still don’t know. I had a complete t6 spinal cord injury. I stayed at Akron children’s hospital for 18 days. When I was there I met lots of nurses and doctors. Some I’ll be friends with for the rest of my life. Once I left there I went to a spinal cord rehab center called Kennedy Krieger.  I stayed there for 2 months, and re-learned to do everything. I can remember when tying my shoe was more impossible than flying.  I also worked on regaining movement and function of my legs. After about a month of INTENSE rehab, I was sitting in my room alone just looking at my feet trying to move them. Then out of nowhere my right big toe started to wiggle. I started screaming and yelling and pressing my button and I was so happy I couldn’t even stress it. A respiratory therapist came in named Doctor Dawn and we both started crying of joy. See when I was there the staff became family. I was with them 24/7.  It was an amazing moment in my life that I will never forget.  From that point I knew I would walk again and I am still working for that goal. Since then I have regained some movement in both legs, feet, and toes. I have feeling, but it is distorted to some degree. From an outside standpoint it is a miracle that I have gained this much. I just look forward to the day that I can say, “I remember when I needed a wheelchair. Look at me now.”




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  • arno

    Hope for you you’ll walk again.
    I was in rehabilitation with a man who also got this from a flu.
    He was in a wheelchair with a spinal cord injury, could’nt feel his legs nor walk.
    After selling his house as he was”nt able anymore to live there, buying another house after 4 months he started to regain some strenght.
    4 months later he was able to walk again, only his feeling never came back so he always has to look downwards to see his feet going to right way.
    Let’s hope for the best to you!

    • buckhuntermg1995

      thank you for your support. im hoping that i can get there. its going to take alot of time.

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