Handcycle + German Shepherd = Tired Puppy

After my injury in 1999, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to convince my parents to buy me a dog.  I decided to get a doberman pinscher puppy, and named her Sheeva.  She was with me from the beginning, and in 2008 I had to put her down due to cancer. It was absolutely the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.. Sheeva was my buddy.

About 3 months ago I decided to get a new dog.  It was either going to be an English Bulldog or a German Shepherd. Basically, the laziest breed of low energy dogs, or an extremely high level energy dog… For better or for worse, we decided to get a purebred  “German” German Shepherd puppy.  We named her Nina. Nina is presently 5 months old.

With proper mental stimulation and physical exercise she’s a sweet little pup. On the other hand, Nina bounces off the walls like a wild indian if I neglect to exercise and stimulate her. Below is a video of Nina following me on a 1999 Freedom Ryder hand-cycle.



Hopefully, one day, little puppy Nina will become a certified service dog.. But not today…

Big thanks to my good friend Mike at Digital Gold Photography for the solid pictures. Very much appreciated bro.


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  • Jeff Ehmann

    Kitchen sink laying in the side yard?

    I do love the look and feel of your website. You could do this for a living…..if there was any money in it.

    Keep keeping my inspired.

    • Jacob

      LOL!!!! Dude, so funny you mention the sink! Just last night before I posted the video/blog I showed my wife. The FIRST thing she says is “the old kitchen sink is in the video”.. I quickly replied, “ya, but nobody’s gonna notice…” Guess it;s fair to say someone noticed:)

      Promise we aren’t hoarding home appliances… We just got finished remodeling the kitchen, so old “stuff” is outside waiting to be dumped.

      And thanks for liking the website. I’d love to quit my day job and concentrate on this. But as you said, needs to be money in it. Not buckets full of money, just 2-3 shot glasses full.

      And I’ll absolutely keep it coming bro.

      • Arno

        Try to contact sportaid.com.
        They should sponsor you after some advertising…
        Thanks to you i ”found” them and ordered my tilite.

        • Arno

          LOL, funny vid with Nina following you. Great dogs and very loyal to their companion.
          Only be careful with children cause they’re sometimes a bit jealous.
          We had a Belgium sheperd till 5 years ago, he was so loyal.

  • Jessica ReJune

    I love the website! This video with Nina is fantastic. Poor thing looks exhausted. Where’s her ball?! She was such an adorable pup!

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