Hotel Shower Bench Unavailable While Traveling?

 What Would MacGyver Do?

Living life in a wheelchair forces a person to be resourceful. Sometimes the elevator is broken, so you have to use the escalator. Sometimes there’s no ramp down the curb so you have to “hop” down the curb in a wheelie.. And sometimes, the hotel you’re staying in is completely out of adaptive shower benches… Well, this was recently my life while traveling. The wheelchair accessible hotel room I’d booked a month earlier was fresh out of shower benches.. Damn.. What to do what to do… Rather than flip both queen beds and destroy the room in a fit of rage, I thought, what would MacGyver do in this predicament? He probably would have built a make-shift shower bench with duct tape.. Well, I didn’t have any duct tape, so instead I used the hotel room luggage rack as a custom shower bench. I placed 2 towels across the straps to create somewhat of a bench.


It wasn’t perfect, but it was definitely better than sitting on the shower floor where countless random feet have been.

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  • Jason

    Wow. Good one. Thanks for sharing…I too found myself in this predicament and resorted to a sponge bath in my wheelchair. I’ll do this next time though.

  • theSeed

    This is genius. I tend to be the one to flip the mattress. Ok, that’s a lie. I usually get really mad then cry at the unfairness of it all!
    I’m loving reading about how others cope with inaccessibility. It’s helping me to have a sense of humor about it. Which is good for me because I’m getting wrinkles on my forehead from the “angry face”!

  • Dan

    I carry a padded metal folding chair under the back seat of my van. I makes a great shower chair and I prefer it to the chairs without back or unpadded chairs often found in motels that do have a shower chair.

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