How To: TiLite TR Wheelchair Seat-Back Replacement (Video)

Customizing a wheelchair to fit your specific needs is key. You may want to raise your footplate.  You may want a different cushion.  You may want a higher or lower seat-back. Don’t be afraid to change up the dimensions of your wheelchair. If you don’t like how it feels you can always change it back, but you’ll never know whats “perfect” for you unless you experiment.

For instance, I’ve always used an extremely low seat-back upholstery on my TiLite TR wheelchair. This past week I decided to raise the seat-back 3 inches. This may seem like a trivial difference in height, but for me it’s made a word of difference. I’m not suggesting to raise your seat-back, I’m simply saying that changing up the dimensions (ie: seat height, seat-back height, angle of seat-back, height of footplate, etc) of your current wheelchair could possibly benefit you (or not). 

The video below shows how to change the seat-back upholstery on a TiLite TR wheelchair.  My seat-back hadn’t been replaced since it was purchased 4-5 years ago, so it was definitely time. It turns out, the 2.5 inch raise has been a great change in comfort.


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  • j

    I used to live over in Pinellas County, so i know what you’re talking about with the heat. You were making me sweating just watching the video

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