Life Changes…. Analiese’s Story

My name is Analiese Fazio and I’m 21 years old. When I was 16 my life changed forever. I was your typical chippy teenage girl who loved soccer and spent any spare time I had just juggling and kicking soccer balls around, I felt like it was the one thing I was good at. The thing about my story is I remember everything. I remember waking super tired that day and running a little late for school. I was originally suppose to ride to school with my friend and her brother but decided that day I was going to ride with my twin brother last minute. My brother drove a burgundy Alero; the windows didn’t roll up, the inside structure of the car was falling apart, and the heater didn’t work. It was your typical trashy first car that your parents give you cause they know your gonna somehow destroy it. The date was April 20, 2010 and it was around 6:30 am. You see on this day their were a lot of things that were off, almost like the universe was trying to give me a sign. I think back to that day and their are so many coincidences. For instance I wasn’t suppose to ride with my brother, I brought a blanket, I chose to sit in the seat behind the drivers seat, and I decided last second to pick my best friend up after I had originally decided not to. Its kind of funny how one decision can change everything. That day, like I said my twin brother was driving and we were on our way to school. My best friend lived literally right down the street from our school so we went to pick her up. After we picked her up we did our usual perky greeting, gossiped a few, and then turned our iPods on and listened to music. It was a really chilly day and the windows didn’t work so the cold wind was blowing in my face, so I decided to put a blanket over my face. Almost instantly after I covered my face I heard my best friend scream my brothers name. It was in the moment that what seemed like the slowest longest moment happened. My brother had hit a soft spot in the dirt road and fish taled the car, he had then lost complete control of the car. The car then started flipping, and I literally remember just sitting in my seat and watching my life flash before my life, it was like all the sudden life had just slowed down. After the 3rd time the car flipped and a log struck through my car door, striking me in my back. The car then landed back on its wheels. My brother and best friend got out of the car spooked and then turn to the car to realize that I’m still sitting in my seat. I’m was bleeding everywhere, had a concussion, and was in complete shock. I couldn’t breathe but I was fully alert. I was then rushed to the hospital where shortly after arrival my parent showed up. They were then notified that I had fractured my t-11 and to many fibers had been scraped off my spinal cord resulting in complete and permanent paralysis from my belly button down. I wasn’t fully aware at that moment but I remember our of nowhere hearing my twin brother screaming and my dad screaming and throwing a chair across the hospital. I instantly just shut down, I felt like if I couldn’t play soccer then my life was over. Today I’m still in a wheelchair obviously but I’m extremely happy. Like most people I’ve had a lot to overcome, and a lot of things I’m still working on to  overcome. I am a proud woman that is currently studying sports journalism in college and I work as behavior assistant helping children with disabilities. I may be wheelchair bound but I won’t let that ever stop me from changing the world. Everyone has the power to make a difference. Their are days where I have a moment to myself to mourn but after that moment I go on with my day with my head held high. Theirs not a day that goes by where I stop working at bettering myself. I’ve learned so much and met so many wonderful people during my journey to recovery. The truth is I wouldn’t change my life, I’m liberated by my accomplishments and even more liberated by the things I also plan to accomplish in the future.

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  • Trung Vu

    I’m sorry what happened to you. but i’m so glad and proud of how you overcomed such a challenge in your life. i admire you and hope you can change more lives for the better in the future.

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