Second Attempt At 150 Mile “MS 150” via Hand-Cycle

Last year I decided to ride in the 2011 “MS 150”.  It’s a 150 mile ride over 2 days. 75 miles from Miami to Keyt Largo, and 75 miles back the next day.  Although I expected to complete the entire 150 miles, I was unable to do so.   I was only physically able to complete day 1, which was 75 miles. I’d pushed my body beyond a comfortable limit, and reluctantly decided to end my journey.  Feeling defeated, the drive home was long and quiet. Here’s a link to last year’s 2011 MS 150 Miami ride on a hand-cycle.

The 2012 “MS 150” is scheduled for April 21-22. This year, I plan to learn from my 2011 mistakes, and complete the entire 150 mile 2-day ride.  Last year I attempted the voyage alone, as a team of 1.. This year, team “HowiRoll” will have muliple riders.   Just like last year, I’m required to raise at least $400 for the Non-Profit MS Society. So, this is my shameless request for donations towards the 2012 “MS 150” ride. If interested, you can make a tax deductible donation securely through the National MS Society website HERE.   Furthermore, if you or anyone you know is NOT scared, please feel free to join our “HowiRoll” team and join us for the ride.

Also, I’m actively seeking sponsorship for HowiRoll from any foundation or corporation who may be interested in becoming involved with a good cause.  My current hand-cycle is over 13 years old and on the verge of falling apart.  Therefore, in exchange for a new FORCE-R Handcycle, a potential sponsor will recieve company exposure through 1) all hand-cycle races and marathons  2) blog posts at thanking it’s sole sponsor  3) video blogs   4) exclusive banner advertisement at  Please email me at if interested.

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