2012 Miami MS150 Gets Rained Out, iPod Hand-Cycling Playlist Attached.

The 2012 MS150 was scheduled for April 21-22 in Miami, Florida.  I was able to recruit 4 of my able-bodied friends to join the ride.  I trained and conditioned for 2 months leading up to the 150 mile ride.  The ride was supposed to start Saturday morning, promptly at 7:00am.  All my friends and I live in West Palm Beach, which is 1.5 – 2 hours away from the Miami-Homestead Speedway starting point.  So Friday night we decided to stay at a cheap hotel in Miami, right near the Homestead Speedway.   Setting my alarm for 5:45am, I got in bed Friday night around 10:00pm.

Well, I woke up around 4am before the alarm went off, to the extremely loud sound of thunder and lightning.  It was nasty outside pouring down rain.  Lying in a cheap uncomfortable hotel bed that smelled like someone else’s foot, I came to the conclusion that my current situation sucked, to put it lightly. A couple hours later the weather was not letting up, still pouring at biblical proportions. I received an email around 6:30am.. The 2012 MS150 start day had been cancelled. The Go Pro HD was all ready to go. Had my amigos all pumped up ready to rock. Had my sexy new force-r hand-cycle polished and ready to go. Had a camelback filled with water, electrolytes, and too many GU’s…. But no race.. Bummer.. So instead of a Go Pro HD hand-cycle video from the 2012 MS 150 Miami, below is the ipod playlist I was gonna jam to during the ride. Maybe you’ll like, maybe it’ll be noise to your ears.. For better or for worse, figure I’d share. Go easy on me, it’s a weird list grouped together. But it’s in fact what I ride to. All the different genres were introduced to me at distinct times in my life, and each have had a separate influence. So all the songs below come from completely different genres of music, but they’re all the same to me.  You’ll notice most tracks are slow, which helps me pace for a long ride.

Hope you enjoy.


[mp3j track=”Lights.mp3″ caption=”Ellie Goulding”] [mp3j track=”Ghost-Riders-In-The-Sky.mp3″ caption=”Johnny Cash and Willy Nelson”] [mp3j track=”16-Closer-Presets-Remix.mp3″ caption=”Kings of Leon”] [mp3j track=”The-Unforgiven.mp3″ caption=”Metallica”] [mp3j track=”Nutshell.mp3″ caption=”Alice In Chains”] [mp3j track=”03-Sweet-Disposition-1.mp3″ caption=”The Temper Trap”] [mp3j track=”Murder-to-Excellence.mp3″ caption=”Jay-Z”] [mp3j track=”Enjoy-the-Silence.mp3″ caption=”Depeche Mode”] [mp3j track=”Im-Coming-Home.mp3″ caption=”J. Cole”] [mp3j track=”A-Boy-Named-Sue.mp3″ caption=”Johnny Cash”]

[mp3j track=”2-01-Sigh-No-More-Live-At-Shepherds-Bush-Empire-London-1.mp3″ caption=”Mumford & Sons”] [mp3j track=”Soul-To-Squeeze.mp3″ caption=”Red Hot Chili Peppers”] [mp3j track=”One.mp3″ caption=”Metallica”] [mp3j track=”11-Walk.mp3″ caption=”Foo Fighters”] [mp3j track=”Funeral-Acoustic-Session.mp3″ caption=”FoBand of Horses”] [mp3j track=”Little-Lion-Man.mp3″ caption=”Mumford & Sons”] [mp3j track=”When-Doves-Cry.mp3″ caption=”Prince”] [mp3j track=”Pleasure-Or-Pain.mp3″ caption=”U-God”] [mp3j track=”Last-of-the-Mohicans-Theme.mp3″ caption=”Trevor Jones”] [mp3j track=”La-Lambada.mp3″ caption=”Kaoma”] [mp3j track=”06-Handlebars.mp3″ caption=”The Flobots”] [mp3j track=”04-Somebody-That-I-Used-To-Know.mp3″ caption=”Gotye”] [mp3j track=”02-Alive-Moore-Theatre-Seattle-12-22-90-1.mp3″ caption=”Pearl Jam”] [mp3j track=”Written-In-The-Stars.mp3″ caption=”Tinie Tempah”] [mp3j track=”Natural-Blues.mp3″ caption=”Moby”] [mp3j track=”Mary-Janes-Last-Dance.mp3″ caption=”Tom Petty”] [mp3j track=”13-Pickup-Truck.mp3″ caption=”Kings of Leon”] [mp3j track=”05-Welcome-To-The-Black-Parade.mp3″ caption=”My Chemical Romance”] [mp3j track=”02-Paint-It-Black.mp3″ caption=”Rolling Stones”] [mp3j track=”The-Boxer.mp3″ caption=”Simon & Garfunkel”] [mp3j track=”Tell-My-Mother-I-Miss-Her-So.mp3″ caption=”Ryan Bingham”] [mp3j track=”Sigh-No-More.mp3″ caption=”Mumford & Sons”] [mp3j track=”Seven-Nation-Army.mp3″ caption=”White Stripes”] [mp3j track=”Roll-Away-Your-Stone.mp3″ caption=”Mumford & Sons”] [mp3j track=”John-3-16.mp3″ caption=”Wycliffe Jean”] [mp3j track=”Hallelujah.mp3″ caption=”Mumford & Sons”] [mp3j track=”Ghosts-n-Stuff.mp3″ caption=”Deadmau5″] [mp3j track=”Beautiful-Day.mp3″ caption=”U2″] [mp3j track=”And-It-Stoned-Me.mp3″ caption=”Van Morrison”] [mp3j track=”Against-the-Wind.mp3″ caption=”Bob Seger”] [mp3j track=”Redemption-Day.mp3″ caption=”Johnny Cash”] [mp3j track=”You-Be-Killin-Em.mp3″ caption=”Fabolous”] [mp3j track=”Welcome-Home.mp3″ caption=”Coheed and Cambria”] [mp3j track=”Walk-Like-A-Champion.mp3″ caption=”Buju Banton”] [mp3j track=”Time.mp3″ caption=”Pink Floyd”] [mp3j track=”Time-To-Move-On.mp3″ caption=”Tom Petty”] [mp3j track=”The-Ghost-Of-Tom-Joad.mp3″ caption=”Rage Against the Machine”] [mp3j track=”Sweet-Child-Of-Mine.mp3″ caption=”Guns & Roses”] [mp3j track=”Sober.mp3″ caption=”Tool”] [mp3j track=”Smooth-Criminal.mp3″ caption=”Michael Jackson”] [mp3j track=”Shook-Ones.mp3″ caption=”Mobb Deep”] [mp3j track=”Seven-Bridges-Road-Live.mp3″ caption=”Eagles”] [mp3j track=”Send-Me-an-Angel.mp3″ caption=”Real Life”] [mp3j track=”Seat-Down-Low.mp3″ caption=”Lil Wayne”] [mp3j track=”Rat-in-a-Cage.mp3″ caption=”Smashing Pumpkins”] [mp3j track=”Peaceful-Day.mp3″ caption=”Pennywise”] [mp3j track=”Best-of-You.mp3″ caption=”Foo Fighters”] [mp3j track=”Paper-In-Fire.mp3″ caption=”John Mellencamp”] [mp3j track=”No-Matter-What.mp3″ caption=”T.I.”] [mp3j track=”Never-Let-Me-Down-feat.-Jay-Z.mp3″ caption=”Jay-Z”] [mp3j track=”Airplanes-Pt-2.mp3″ caption=”B.O.B.”] [mp3j track=”Im-Going-Hungry.mp3″ caption=”Pearl Jam”] [mp3j track=”Im-Goin-In-Ft.-Drake-Truth-No-DJ-_-Contoelpeso.com_.mp3″ caption=”Drake”] [mp3j track=”Never-Let-Me-Down-feat.-Jay-Z.mp3″ caption=”Jay-Z”] [mp3j track=”Hurt.mp3″ caption=”NIN”] [mp3j track=”Hotel-California.mp3″ caption=”Eagles”] [mp3j track=”Disarm-acoustic.mp3″ caption=”Smashing Pumpkins”] [mp3j track=”Dead-Presidents.mp3″ caption=”Jay-Z”] [mp3j track=”Creep.mp3″ caption=”Stone Temple Pilots”]
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  • Rachel

    I am a T9 Paraplegic for 19 years now, (I am 27 years old). I live in South Florida as well. I don’t know exactly how I came across to your website but I think its great. Recently, I have been looking into getting back in shape (I am starting to exercise again and get my muscles back) and eventually start handcycling as recreational. But you never know, I might even do it competitively. I have several problems: I don’t know what organization to join (if I have to) to start handcycling, I don’t have a handcycle (I don’t have the money to buy one right now), and I want to meet other people that do this as well. I thought it would be a great way to meet people able-bodied or not. I hope you can help me figure things out :).

  • Lindsay

    I’ve been following you for a while but just realized you are in WPB – I just moved down here to be closer to family!

    In Atlanta we have Shepherd, but I think the closest true rehab center down here is in Miami right? That’s where they said I had to go for chair adjustments.

    Any good local groups or facilities? I’m in PT, but only been down here a month so don’t know area…only know two people and they are related to me!

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