Calm Before the Storm… USA ParaTriathlon Nationals

So, I haven’t posted in awhile… Party because I recently started a new job, partly because I’m lazy, but mostly because I’ve been training my ass off for ParaTriathlon Nationals in Austin, TX next week on Memorial Day.

At the end of 2012 I qualified for ParaTriathlon nationals while competing in The Nickel City Triathlon in Buffalo, NY. Now, about 6 months later, Nationals is less than 1 week away. Laying in bed right now, it’s about 11:15, a bit nervous. Did I train enough? Am I going to gas out before the finish? The ultimate goal at nationals is to earn a place on the podium. Sure, I’d like 1st place, but anyplace on the podium will do just fine. You make the podium, you earn a place on the USA ParaTriathlon team. You earn a place on team USA, you get to compete in the 2016 Paralympics in Rio, Brazil. This is a unique Paralympics, due to the fact that this is the year ParaTriathlon will be officially inaugurated into the Paralympics.

There’s a couple guys who are a bit quicker than me. But on any given day, they could have a bad race, and I could have a good race. This is why I compete. I love not knowing what the outcome will be. I love putting my blood, sweat, and tears into 60 minutes of competition, and then seeing where the cards fall. Maybe I end up on top, maybe not… Either way, I’ll show up to compete, not to “participate”..

If you’re an athlete at heart, who happens to be a paraplegic in a wheelchair or an amputee, paratriathlons may be something you should look into. If you’re lazy, like to make excuses, and feel a sense of entitlement simply because of your affliction, paratriathlons most likely aren’t for you.. Anyone interested in getting involved, please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. And for anyone who needs to be challenged before they can feel motivated, I BET YOU CAN’T FINISH A PARATRIATHLON… There, you’ve been challenged. Now, get off your butt and start training.


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  • Burt

    Loving your attitude!!

    • Jacob

      Thanks Pops! Love you.

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