Wheelchair Accessible Seating at Roger Waters “The Wall” Concert… A Small Perk of My Life;)

Lyrics Never Change, But The Meanings Do…

It’s interesting how lyrics to songs we love never change, but the meanings behind those lyrics evolve as we get older.  In middle school I would listen to Pink Floyd albums front to back, not only until I had the lyrics memorized, but until I could sing the guitar solos.  At 13 years old I don’t remember peering into the meaning behind the words.  Now, 15 years later the music sounds exactly the same as it did when I was in middle school, but for me the meanings behind the words have changed dramatically.

I was able to score solid seats for a recent Roger Waters concert.  For those of you who’ve never heard one of the best bands ever, Roger Waters lead singer of Pink Floyd.  Unfortunately, in 1985 Waters parted with the other Pink Floyd members.  Since then he tours the world performing “The Wall” album, and honestly, the show is kick ass.  When I heard he’d be performing in South Florida I jumped on a small perk of my life….  wheelchair accessible seating:)   Hey, I’ll take it..  So we called the box office at Bank Atlantic Center to see about availability and cost.  I had heard from friends the tickets were going for over $1,000.  Good news. The tickets were less than $50 a piece, and the section was siiiiick for the price.

Below are a few songs from the concert, which I filmed with an iPhone.  The video and audio are surprisingly good given the circumstances.  I apologize in advance for any verbal background rambling…

“Vera” has been one of my favorites since I started listening to Pink Floyd.  The song is under 90 seconds, yet always strikes a chord in my heart when heard.  The visual that accompanied the song in concert was incredibly moving. (below)

This next song is called “Comfortably Numb”.  In this life I think we strive to not become so… (below)

The next song is called “Bring The Boys Back Home”.   This song is about families (mainly children) being neglected due to wars and careers.  Again, the visual at the concert was great. (below)

This next song is called “Nobody Home”.  Personally, the meaning for this song has evolved throughout the years.  As a child, still holding onto my innocence, it meant one thing.  Today I listen and it seems like a new song, yet the words are unchanged.  (below)

Does anyone else love Pink Floyd??

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  • Eric Don-Arthur

    I used to love singing “all-in-all you’re just ayyy, …nother brick-in-the-wall!” 🙂

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