“PUSH GIRLS” Premiering June 4th @ 10:00pm on Sundance Channel

A breathe of fresh air..

The Sundance Channel is introducing a new reality TV show which follows the lives of 4 women.  These ladies are intelligent, independent, sexy on the outside, and even more beautiful on the inside.  Oh, and I almost forgot a minor detail, they also happen to be paraplegics in wheelchairs.  Stereotypes are something that people living in wheelchairs deal with every single day..  In my personal opinion, PUSH GIRLS is a breathe of fresh air, and will absolutely roll right over any and all narrow-minded stereotypes placed on people (especially women) living in wheelchairs. I watched a 2 minute trailer and it touched home in a very healing way. I strongly encourage anyone and everyone, wheelchair or not,  to watch Push Girls premiere episode  June 4th @ 10:00pm on the Sundance Channel.

Tiphany, Auti, Angela, & Mia…  I absolutely love how you roll!   ROCK ON LADIES.

Below are a few trailers from the upcoming season of PUSH GIRLS.


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