HowiRoll Video Clip In Blue Cross Blue Shield Commercial (Video)

 HowiRoll Makes the Cut.

A small production/creative licensing company contacted me a month ago via email.  They claimed to be interested in my sit-ski video for a new Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Insurance commercial.  Turns out the short HowiRoll video clip made the cut!  Given the fact that my clip is only a couple seconds, you could miss it if you blink.   Below is a link to the commercial.

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  • Michael Feger

    Your sit-ski video is awesome! I’m glad to hear about the commercial, good job!

    • Jacob

      Thanks Michael! SCI Zone is partly responsible for the inspiration to start HowiRoll in the first place! Rock on bro.

  • Mimi

    YEAH!! Your sit-ski video is epic. Total inspiration and on my faves playlist. :o)

  • Steve Challen

    I found the video on youtube last week after a frustrating winter Christmas break in the French Alps (I am from the UK by the way!). I was spellbound by the video and it brought more than a lump to my throat! So much so I booked a mono-ski lesson at our slope the same day, and a week later I now own a mono-ski. I have had CFS/ME for 4 years post the dreaded bought of mid-life glandular fever, and my ability to snowboard or ski has reduced year on year to zero. Mono is going to be my way back onto the slopes with my kids! Thank you. Steve

  • Jacob Sharff


    So glad you stumbled upon the video! Even more happy that you decided to try mono-skiing. With each day you’ll get better and more confident. As you get better, the skiing becomes more and more effortless. For me, it was a great way to be able to participate with my friends. I’m sure you will truly enjoy being able to ski with your kids! Please don’t hesitate if you have any questions for me.

    Rock on brother.


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