Sweet!!! Padded ROHO LVT Cushion for Your Car/Office…

The ROHO LVT Cushion… A Low-Cost Portable Seating Option!

If you’re paralyzed in a wheelchair, you know how uncomfortable sitting on something other than your wheelchair cushion can get, especially if you’re sitting on a hard surface. With that in mind, I wanted to show everyone a low-cost cushion made by top brand ROHO. The cushion is called the ROHO “LTV”, and t’s designed to be taken everywhere you go! It’s ROHO’s low-weight portable seating device, and the best part is the low cost! The majority of paraplegics and quadriplegics confined to wheelchairs have serious amounts of muscle attrify. The result is a boney sensitive bottom (aka butt)… This ROHO LTV cushion is an awesome remedy for this pressure sore issue. My car has a super hard driver’s seat, so I have one of these ROHO LTV cushions in my Dodge Durango 100% of the day. lol It never leaves.. ROHO is the premier top quality wheelchair cushion brand. If you want the best cushion, you should always go with ROHO. What sucks is that most ROHO cushions retail for over $400..  But, the good news is that the ROHO LTV portable wheelchair cushion retails for only $99, but you can find it discounted to $79 at How iRoll Sports online store.

This is definitely a cushion to consider if you’re constantly sitting uncomfortably and/or are a high risk for pressure sores. The ROHO LTV comes with a free cushion pump and a repair kit for possible cushion punctures. Shoot me an at Jacob@howiRoll.com

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