Useful Tip: Wheelchair Transferring To & From Ground

A Simple Functional Tip for Wheelchair Transferring:

For a person living in a wheelchair, transferring to and from the chair is a daily necessity, and usually a daily hassle.  Here is a useful tip to make some of your transfers a little easier.

Lets say you’re out with the family and want to transfer to the ground, for whatever reason.  Maybe you’re at a park and want to get down on the ground to play with your 3-year-old son in the dirt.   Or, maybe you want to sit in the grass with your husband and relax.  Just yesterday I had to hop onto the ground to get a scorpion out of my shoe…..  Ok, that’s a lie, I’m just saying, anything can happen on any given day…  Take a quick look around before choosing the transfer location if you’re in a situation where hopping out of your wheelchair is a necessity.   There’s a good chance you could incorporate a random object into the transfer.   Anything higher than ground level can be used for help as long as it’s sturdy (ie: stairs/steps, public bench, large boulder/rock, edge of bed, old tree stump, car bumper). Even a street curb is higher than ground level, so be resourceful!  The slightest difference in height will help tremendously when hopping (yes, hopping) out of your wheelchair.  (see video)

The easier you make it on your muscles, the more likely you are to transfer functionally in everyday living.   Eventually, with time and practice, the term “wheelchair transfer” will begin to feel more like “hop in the ground for a quick second”.

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