Useful Transfer Board Tip For New Paraplegics and Overweight Wheelchair Vets

Transfer Board + Lotion = Easy Transfer & Soft *#$%

Since starting I’ve been reunited with a couple old friends whom I haven’t spoke to in years.  One of my old buds suggested a useful tip for anyone in a wheelchair who transfers using a “transfer board”.  The more I thought about his tip the more it made sense…. Lotion.

If you use a transfer board for transferring to and from your wheelchair, chances are good you’re either a) completely new to your injury and wheelchair, or b) you’ve been in a wheelchair paralyzed for years but you’re on the heavy side, or c) you’re injury effects muscular strength in your upper body (ie: quadriplegic).  Try lubing the top side of your transfer board with some lotion next time you transfer.  You don’t need a ridiculous amount, just enough to create a slick gliding surface for your rump.  This should allow you to slide across the board while transferring, without struggling to lift your body weight. 

The hardest part of disabled wheelchair transferring is the physical act of lifting your body weight.   A little bit of lotion will eliminate the need to lift your weight while wheelchair transferring with a standard transfer board.  I suggest a spotter the first few times to make sure you’re comfortable with the slick gliding surface.

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