New York City: Urban Wheelchair Rehabilitation (VIDEO)

In the words of Billy, “I’m In a New York State of Mind”…

While visiting New York City this past winter I realized that Manhattan is a perfect urban environment for wheelchair exercise, and I video taped a couple miles of terrain from my TiLite TR’s perspective.

New York City is a fantastic wheelchair obstacle course.  The urban terrain is great exercise for anyone disabled in a wheelchair that’s looking to challenge their comfort level.  Most people in wheelchairs tend to stay close to home within their comfort zone, which in most cases is extremely wheelchair friendly.  The few times they are required to travel outside their comfort zone they become extremely anxious and uneasy…. If this sounds like you, I suggest taking a short trip to New York City.  If you can successfully navigate a wheelchair 2+ miles through the unforgiving streets of Manhattan, you’ll be confident traveling in any situation.

The video below shows New York City from the perspective of my TiLite TR wheelchair.  I attached an HD GoPro camera to the base of my wheelchair.  As you’ll see, there are obstacles everywhere in the video, from the small cracks in the sidewalk, to the thousands of people.  Psychologically, if you can navigate through this unpredictable environment, you’ll feel confident and stress-free in any situation… Priceless.

Also, there’s a refreshing feeling I get whenever I visit New York City… For the most part, people are either rude to me or don’t notice me at all, and I absolutely love it!  Due to a wheelchair, I live a life where people cater to me, whether I want the help or not, and it’s constantly offered.  Although I appreciate the offers, 99% of the time the help is not needed.  In general, most New Yorkers have somewhere to be, and could care less about me or my disability, and it’s oddly refreshing!  Can any wheelchair vets relate to the feeling???

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  • Jason

    I wanna visit ny soon. Love rolling around big cities

  • arno

    Hi Jacob,
    Paving looks a bit like here in the netherlands, often broken and obstacles to get on the pavement.
    I think however, because people don”t ask to help you in ny is because like here they are used to ”us”. It’s not like in most countries where disabled stay indoors and don’t often go out.
    If, someone asks me if i need help, it’s often turkish people and not the dutch.
    For real; you don’t look so pitifull in a Tr as in a wooden wheelchair with your knees up in your face

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