Wheelchair Push Handles….. Over-Rated.

A central theme for conversation seems to be independence. What level am I.  What I can and can’t do independently. How people walking around perceive me. Most people in wheelchairs are constantly striving to be more and more independent throughout their daily lives.

If you happen to have push handles on the back of your wheelchair, there’s a decent chance you actually do NOT need them.  Maybe they make you feel safe, or maybe you like someone to push when you’re tired. Either way, if you’re physically able to push, you’re only further disabling yourself by having push handles on your wheelchair. I challenge you to raise your level of independence by removing them.  The gain in independence is unique in that it’s not simply personal. Your now perceived as not needing to be pushed, and hopefully someone offering to push can translate that into not needing to be helped as well.

I absolutely understand that some people don’t have a choice, and their physical limitations prohibit them from taking off their push handles.  This post isn’t intended for you. This post is intended for anyone who’s absolutely able, and chooses to be lazy, further disabling themselves.

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