MURDER BALL aka Wheelchair Rugby For the First Time…

A couple weeks ago a friend invited me to a quad-rugby practice with his West Palm Beach team.  I apologize in advance for not explaining the rules in detail. I would, but I’m a noob who knows very little.  All I know is, it’s a quadriplegic sport where teams of 4 slam into each other as hard and fast as possible across a basketball court.  In between the slamming, a ball is passed between the team. The object is to roll past the goal line with the ball. The only thing is, the 4 guys on the other team are there to make sure you don’t go forward.

Given the fact that I’m a paraplegic, I could never officially compete with the team.  But when my buddy told me they were short a few guys, I jumped, yes jumped, at the chance to practice with them.

By the end of the first day I had a half-dollar blister on my left palm.  I’d been slammed so hard my wheelchair flipped… Twice..  Both times I was lying on my back, wheelchair wheels up in the air, thinking about how oddly refreshing it was to be slammed so hard it flipped me out of the wheelchair… At that moment I realized how much I missed contact sports.  And by the next day, I was so sore I could hardly get out of bed.  Oh, did I mention I’m a paraplegic playing rugby with quadriplegics??!! This was supposed to be a walk in the park, right?!… wrong…   I have a new respect and admiration for these quad-rugby players for sure.

I encourage anyone in a wheelchair to find a sport they enjoy. It’s great for your cardio, and even better for your state of mind.

Below is a short clip from the practice.  Lucky for me the slams and flips weren’t caught on video:)  If you know any quads in the South Florida area who are interested in playing quad-rugby drop me a line.

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  • Gloria Madison

    Hi Jacob,
    I watched your videos and you are awsome. Keep up the good work. Love the snow.


  • Arno

    Hi Jacob,

    Great sport! Only you would count 4 points i guess….
    Used to play it 18 years ago but it was here like in your area too low amount of players and our team died out.
    Have a nice holidays in Aspen!

    • Jacob

      Arno, I would probably count as 4 points, IF I were allowed to officially play! I’m only allowed to practice with the team, as I’m a “para” playing a “quad” sport… I wish you could play with our team, because they definitely need more players. Have a nice holiday with your family!

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